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It's time to Master Your Life


I help women, especially overachievers who feel stuck in the hamster wheel of life, to heal from their past, to accomplish their dreams, and give them the tools they need to live an empowering and thriving life in a sustainable way. We will work together so you can finally start to live the live of your dreams and be a shining beacon of light also for others in your proximity.


Healing & Empowerment Coach & Reiki Practitioner


Live life the way YOU want to

Personal development has become one of THE most discussed topic of all time around the world - be it physical, mental, or spiritual. Most of us will have seen some content on social media, done a course (or 100!), been to workshops/events...(hands up who's been there - I definitely have 🙋‍♀️! )​ But as by-product, it has also become SO much harder to identify and know which path is the right one to take on the journey of personal growth. 

Also, let's be honest - facing up to our fears, our traumas, and our past that left a negative impact on us can be scary, especially when you have to do it alone. 


And this is where I come in 👋


​I will work with you to journey through the depths of your past so you can identify the root causes of your problems, how they continue to trouble you, and so we can pull them out like weed in a flower bed. We will also work together on putting in place empowering practices so you can choose a different future and start living your dream life 💖✨


Transformation comes from self awareness and self acceptance. Having gone through a difficult (and very overwhelming and frustrating) journey of my own, I am uniquely qualified to share my experiences and help others reach the same level of joy and fulfilment that I discovered for myself during my own transformational journey.

Start realising your True Potential

I offer varying different solutions to suit the needs, timescales and budgets for those who are ready to do the self work. I can help you understand the power that you innately have through self-awareness, re-wiring of your neural pathways, building new habits, and Reiki healing, which in combination will enable you to realise the change that you have been looking for.


​I offer my unique knowledge through life coaching practices and Reiki healing - these can be done in conjunction or separately, depending on what you need in that moment.


​Here are the modes of how we can work together:


My events are a brilliant way for you to get started on your journey - whether you're right at the beginning of your journey, or you find yourself stuck in the moment.

1-2-1 Coaching

When we work together 1:1, we get to deep dive into issues/problems that you've been experiencing in a much more in depth level.

Reiki Treatment

Reiki Healing

Reiki healing is a profound method that is used to release energetic blockages that may have been hindering you from your breakthroughs. It is also effective in reducing stress and tension.

If you are interested in finding out how we can work together,
get in touch!

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