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The Power of Purpose


This is a word that is thrown around a lot these days, often used interchangeably with the word Vision

Let me tell you, this is where it’s all been going wrong, and this is the reason why you keep losing your way!

So hear me out. 

“I want to be a billionaire”

“I want to own that car/house/yacht”

“I want to travel the world”

“I want to have a loving relationship”

“I want to be the best [insert occupation]”

“I want to help people and empower others”

Most people believe that this is their Life Purpose; the driver of all of their actions, their focus, so they put all of their energy, time, resources into achieving these. That’s great. Well done to them. But the moment they achieve the “purpose”, they get sucked into the dark hole of frustration, anxiety, and boredom. 

Why? Because they have lost all sense of purpose. They already achieved what they put SO much effort into achieving. Now they’ve done it, they have a great big gaping hole in their life that they have nothing to fill it with. 

I had a client whose dream was to become an optometrist. Since 18 years of age, she studied, worked hard, and strived so much that she even overachieved and came to own a really successful practice. At the age of 60, she was done with the optometrist dream. She had overachieved. She sold her business so she no longer needed to get overwhelmed/burnt out, but was struggling even more than before…because she realised that she had been living and striving to achieve a vision NOT her purpose. 

I had another client who was in a corporate job that she hated because of her manipulative manager, but she couldn’t leave, not because she lacked skills, but because she had no idea where to go.

What’s the common theme for both? They lacked a sense of purpose. 

To them, they just knew that they were unhappy, but they didn’t really know why. They didn’t understand why they weren’t achieving what they wanted to achieve, why they were procrastinating, and staying in fear. 

The answer was in their confusion. They had no WHY. 

They hadn’t uncovered the reason for them to be here on Earth, at this time, in this space. Instead, they focused on what they thought were their purpose, when in actual fact, it was only their vision…or worse, someone else’s vision. 

So allow me to clarify the difference between Life Purpose and Life Vision. 

Life Purpose = WHY you are here

Life Vision = HOW you plan to achieve your purpose

The key here is WHY vs HOW. Our purpose is there to guide all of our thoughts, actions, potentially even beliefs. If I believe that the reason I’m here is to empower women to thrive, I’ll have different thoughts and actions to if I believe that I’m here to survive. One drives proactive action, the other stagnates. 

Once you have understood your Purpose, and why you are here at this time, you can then start looking at how you plan to achieve it. Remember, Purpose tends to be one, and Vision can be multiple. 

Important Note: You ARE allowed to change your purpose and vision though - as you evolve, you may choose to upgrade them. 

Now that we have clarified this, let’s talk about the POWER our Purpose has over us. 

The reason why our purpose is powerful is because it helps direct our minds, it gives us motivation, and our reason for getting up when we fall. Having a purpose makes decision making so much easier because you have a clear direction of where you want to go. 

It’s like going on Google Maps and asking for ways to get to your destination - there are so many routes you can take, but eventually you will get to it. Purpose keeps you focused on your destination, and no matter how many turns, twists, uphills, downstreams, you know that every step you take you are on your way 😇

So if you haven’t yet got clear on your Life Purpose, I’d like to invite you to start thinking and observing: 

“Why am I here?”

“What do I want to do / experience in my life?” 

“How can I help people?” 

Once you have clarity, you can start creating a structure that brings your purpose to life. 💖

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