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‘Tis the season to…

Updated: Feb 27

As we approach the Christmas season, we hear the lyrics “ ‘Tis the season to be jolly, fa-la-la-la-la la-la-la-laaaa” over and over again. 

But says who? Me? You? Or Scottish musician Thomas Oliphant who originally wrote the English lyrics in 1862?! 

Whilst I’m not saying it ISN’T a season to be jolly, I want to ask you a question - are you actually feeling jolly because you are, or are you trying to force yourself to be jolly because you need to? 

I am by no means against Christmas - I love the Christmas lights, carol singing, and festive cheer - but if you’re simply not feeling it right now, even if you don’t have a reason for it, isn’t it still OK? 

During my studies on Lisa Nichols’ campus, I came across the concept of “seasons” - it’s not just weather / calendar seasons, it’s actually seasons in our lives

Throughout our lives we are going to experience many different seasons, and the ones we tend to love are always the joyful, exciting ones where everything is in flow…like the spring/summer months when you have a warm fuzzy feeling inside, you’re always happy, the sun is shining. But in accordance with The Law of Polarity, along with spring/summer comes autumn/winter, when everything turns dark and it becomes difficult to navigate. You lack motivation, and the challenges you face become so overwhelming and overbearing that you can no longer handle them…

I can talk for ages about The Law of Polarity, but that’s a different post. Here I just want to introduce you to the ideas of seasons because I want you to observe which season you are right now, and for you to get comfortable with being in it. 

If you are in spring/summer times, Amazing! Observe how you’re thriving, the things you’re achieving, and note down all of the joyous moments that you are experiencing on a daily, moment-by-moment basis. 

If you are in autumn/winter, you may not be feeling anywhere even close to good, especially when you’re expected to turn up at all the parties, the socials, when all you want to do is to curl up in bed, binge watch your favourite series and eat popcorn. Notice that too. The feelings that are coming up. The discomfort. The difficulties/challenges. The way that you can’t seem to even handle the simplest of tasks…

…and embrace them

The trap that many personal development junkies / growth-centric beings fall into is the trap that everything needs to be about action and growth. If you’re not growing, you’re static! Correct - but feeling low doesn’t mean you’re not growing. Wanting to rest, to hide, to feel low, still is growing, just in a different way. It may be that you’ve been taking so much action your body needs time to rest; it could be that you’ve undergone huge transformation on a soul level that your body needs time to catch up/get used to; it could also be that you’re in the winter month of your menstrual cycle and you need rest. No matter what the reason could it - there is no need to judge yourself. Simply observe, embrace, and enjoy. 

Afterall, creativity will not exist if you do not allow space for it to come through. 

Miracles and magic cannot be created if you are consistently pushing and forcing your way through life. 

Get to know yourself SO WELL that you are able to honour your seasons, rather than to judge. Understand yourself enough that you rejoice and embrace every season that life offers, so you can enjoy the changes and the contrasts that the Universe brings, for within each there will be the gifts that you have been looking for. 

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